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What a great term… I first learned this term while in the Navy, Household pack-out, Squadron pack-out, Barracks pack-out. So you would think I pretty much have a handle on this…. Mmmmmm!!!!!!
The good people at “run for the wall” were thoughtful enough to have a suggested list of things people should take on the ride. A list of 50 items including “ 1 motorcycle” ( I think this was here for humor…or I hope so ) anyway I went through the list and checked off the things that were important (motorcycle) to the things I didn’t think were needed (underwear, after all we are bikers!!!)
First off when putting things together for a trip it’s important to separate items from what is actually needed (motorcycle, again) from what would be nice (blankets, pillows, pots and pans etc…). So I have gathered together all the things I will need to survive on the open road of America, keeping in mind the theme “camping” (the reality… days Inn)
Once again the wisdom of my bride prevails in an other wise chao…

How to Be a Biker

Ok try this for a while, I know it won't win any awards but it is a little entertaining.It's a little long in tooth but its something to read until I can post.I'm still trying to get video to standby....
A Sarcastic & Satirical Poem by Todd8080
Bikers are a subculture, you might have heard folks say.But how’s a man to join this clan? Must he ride every day?Is there a special set of rules that helps define the rider?And how long is this journey to becoming an insider?Does one just go and buy a bike to claim their rightful place?To get there will you need long hair and whiskers on your face?Well, take heart, it’s your lucky day. I’m here to set you straight.Just play it smart and act the part, then you won’t have to wait.No dues to pay (unless you count the fortune you’ll be spending).No greasy hands or club demands, it’s all done with pretending.See, preparation’s paramount to taking on this role.Without the right appearance you’re just one more rich asshole.T…

Mid-life crisis or not

Almost every Sunday Peggy and I go riding with our gang..(actually, they let us ride with them)We do this because we felt it would be really cool to ride the open road with 30 or 40 other bikers.(People have a tendency to get out of the way when you roar by)
When I was younger and riding, the guys I shared the open road with were the ratpack of the biker world, the bad boys of our time. We were the wannabe outlaw gang, ransack, and pillage a town type of bikers. We went to all the movies (billy jack, easy rider, wild bunch etc...) we would scowl at the people in their cars as we rode by, all-in-all we were a pretty pathetic bunch.
All of us held jobs during the week so our pillaging had to take place on the weekends and only with the wifes and or girl friends permission.
So where am I going with this, fast forward 30 to 40 years, No longer do we want to pillage.(not only is it hard on the lower back, but I'm not certain what it is)BUT the ride is still like the call of the wild (met…