What a great term… I first learned this term while in the Navy, Household pack-out, Squadron pack-out, Barracks pack-out. So you would think I pretty much have a handle on this…. Mmmmmm!!!!!!

The good people at “run for the wall” were thoughtful enough to have a suggested list of things people should take on the ride. A list of 50 items including “ 1 motorcycle” ( I think this was here for humor…or I hope so ) anyway I went through the list and checked off the things that were important (motorcycle) to the things I didn’t think were needed (underwear, after all we are bikers!!!)

First off when putting things together for a trip it’s important to separate items from what is actually needed (motorcycle, again) from what would be nice (blankets, pillows, pots and pans etc…). So I have gathered together all the things I will need to survive on the open road of America, keeping in mind the theme “camping” (the reality… days Inn)

Once again the wisdom of my bride prevails in an other wise chaotic mind, and I quote: “After a day of riding 400 miles on the back of a motorcycle, you (she has a way of making it sound personal) want me to sleep on the ground???” need I continue with the rest of that conversation….

So all I need to pack-out is the Credit card….(and of course the motorcycle)

On another note, we need to give Peggy a cool “Biker Name” something clean, but that reflects the nature of the bride and the trip… So all of the people that read this blog (both of you) think about it and make a suggestion. The person with the winning name will receive a Harley T-shirt from one of the many states we pass through. Pretty Cool…huh!!



Michelle and Ron said…
Ok, now you have 4 people checking out your site! So a biker name for Peggy huh!?! Have you found one yet? She's into horses and nature, herbs and Rekki! She's beautiful and funny! And you live Hawaii. Oh, those aren't her buns with the pumpkins is she? lol Here are my suggestions. See if you can work with these. kauka (doctor) kumu (teacher) nani (beauty) lio (horse) kula (open road) mana (spiritual power) I like beauty horse teacher on the open road! so (nani lio kumu kula)You also sent this msg to the wrong acct. You should use it's the 3 that's the difference. So exactly when are you going on this road trip? Take care, lta Ron and Michelle
ORION said…
Make sure you take your sense of adventure and your sense of humor...oh and your sense of well being and your health...don't forget your health...

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