Mid-life crisis or not

Almost every Sunday Peggy and I go riding with our gang..(actually, they let us ride with them)

We do this because we felt it would be really cool to ride the open road with 30 or 40 other bikers.

(People have a tendency to get out of the way when you roar by)

When I was younger and riding, the guys I shared the open road with were the ratpack of the biker world, the bad boys of our time. We were the wannabe outlaw gang, ransack, and pillage a town type of bikers. We went to all the movies (billy jack, easy rider, wild bunch etc...) we would scowl at the people in their cars as we rode by, all-in-all we were a pretty pathetic bunch.

All of us held jobs during the week so our pillaging had to take place on the weekends and only with the wifes and or girl friends permission.

So where am I going with this, fast forward 30 to 40 years, No longer do we want to pillage.

(not only is it hard on the lower back, but I'm not certain what it is)

BUT the ride is still like the call of the wild (metaphor!!)

If you take away the bad boy stuff, what you have over the years hasn't changed. The freedom of the open road, the wind in your face and bugs in your teeth.(God, it's great to be a biker!!)

Back to that mid-life crisis thing. My friend Bob Bitchin told me life's journey is about experiences, we are the sum total of all of the scars acquired along the way. (BTW, thats his real biker name)

I feel very good about myself to date, there are things I would change if I could but then I have to wonder after the incredible journey I've had through life to change anything would change who I'm today.....wow pretty existential (where's a metaphor when you need one)

It's taken a long time to learn “honor”, and to try and be a better person. I've found It's because of the people that influenced and shaped my future, from cousin Phil who had a major impact on me (and never gave up) when I was younger and even today I hold him up as a roll model. To Peggy who to this day I don't understand why she took a chance on me. (Thank you, Thank you)

So you see, as we sit around the campfire of life(m) and reflect on how we got here, think about all the people who had an effect on making you who you are today.

So am I going through a mid-life crisis???....

Peggy would argue that one has to grow up first... I think I agree, Honey can I go ride my bike now ?



ORION said…
Hey maybe that's what I'm going through!
Aloha from New York!
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