End of the Ride

After almost 7000 miles, butt and backache's Grabber, Pixie and I have completed “THE RIDE”.

What an experience it was, to do it again I would have to be 20 years younger and in an RV.

The reason for this ride offset the pain of the ride, we have a lot of stories and memories that will be ours forever.

So now what do I do with the blog?, I have given this a lot of thought and figure sense the name of the blog is “Kaha's World” I'll just bore the remaining readers (all two of you ) with whatever comes to my attention. Here's a little insight, I frequently change my mind on things as the world around me changes. (for those of you who have had any interchange with yours truly...duh!!) what this will allow me to do is talk about just about anything.

So thats it in a nut shell, if you no longer follow the blog then thanks for hanging out Grabber and I wish you well. If you just check back periodically you might find something of interest.



Anonymous said…
There are 3 of us still reading

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