I originally thought I would write something to thank the people who were responsible for the support of the entire trip. Grabber and I were sitting by the pool at Tom and Deb's house (everyone in California has a pool) when she turned to me and said “you really have nice friends”. After thinking about it, I couldn't come up with a reason why I had such great friends....( not fishing for a compliment here). So now I have to think about what worth I have that would keep these people close for all of those years. I have always considered myself to be a lone wolf, and yet if you think about it as long as you have one friend you are never truly alone. So I guess I'll have ponder this question, but the reality is it can only be answered by my friends.

Here's the original post:

There comes a time in everyone's life when they take stock of the things that are important; sometimes it's early in life (if you are lucky) but most times it's later and you really can't change anything.

Aside from doing the biker thing and having fun (sitting on a HOT motorcycle 12hrs a day), I've had the opportunity to reflect on what I consider important. The normal answer to this would be of course Grabber, the kat, the horse, etc... but I want to take this a little beyond that.

Friends; who are they? and how do we define them? There was a time in my life when I counted my friends on the fingers of one hand; this was based on what they would or could do for me.

I now can still count them on several hands (and perhaps a foot) but base it on what we share and how I can respect and cherish them.

You probably think I've finally gone off the deep end (close, but not really, this is supposed to be about biker stuff) well, I haven't (well, I don't think I have) I use one very basic set of rules when I judge someone to be a friend.

  1. Loyalty: above all else this I value the most, I expect my friends to be loyal no matter what happens, or until I have not been true to them.

  2. Forgiving: Everyone knows I'm not perfect, a good friend will always be forgiving.

That's simple and straight forward, but you will be surprised how people will complicate friendship.

Now, you ask (if you haven't fallen asleep) what the hell is he talking about.

Kat Reilly

James, Lisa and Sloane

Tom and Sara

Tom and Yolie

Klaus and Sherrie

Stu and Roberta

Tom and Deb

Chuck and Dorothy

NOTE: These name are not in any particular order.

These are the people that have taken us to their hearts and have given me their friendship over the years, something that I will always respect and value. They opened their homes and hearts to Grabber, The Hun and I and we will never forget the wonderful treatment given us.

If you didn't make the list, don't worry. I was just referring to the people involved in the run. (so, navy davy don't take have a t-shirt coming)

So when you have a moment, stop and think about how you judge someone to be a friend and then look over who you consider friends. You might be surprised who really fits the list. I have and I can think of no truer friends than I now have.

Aloha...kaha (two stop)


T & D said…
Well said brother. Well said...
Molly said…
Keep up the good work.
Anonymous said…
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