Well, it's official; everyone has a biker name. As you know, Peggy's is “Grabber” and mine is “Two Stop”, then there is Klaus. I have been calling him the ”The Hun”, but now he has earned the biker name of “PIXIE”.

I more than likely won't go into details on how I got my biker name, but will go into great detail on “PIXIE” almost to (Ad nauseam). So how did Pixie get the name? I refer you to the picture below:

In the real biker world, these are not riding boots, and if you look closely at the toes they kind of curl up.... These are the latest in Europe..... BUT you're not in Europe anymore(Dorothy).

He looks like a big genie riding a Harley. I did find two women in a small Texas town that thought they were cute (I rest my case). They remind me of the Arabian nights Genie, but I'll let you people make an input if you think these are real biker boots.

BTW... we are currently in Van Horn ,TX a very small town and if you have nothing else to do with your life and fall out of an plane and land here, go to "chuy's" it's about the best Mexican food on the planet.

Aloha...kaha (two stop)


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