There comes a time in everyones life when they wakeup and find they are a lot older then they think.
Body parts move or sag, and others just ache. Motrin becomes a gift from the Gods.

The group of riders we are traveling with from Hawaii thought it would be great to camp out along the way, which is what they have been doing for years.

I gave this a lot of thought, went out and purchased the camping equipment (That would fit on the bike) and then made hotel reservations for the trip across. (What are they thinking...)

I again shamelessly used my bride as an excuse for not camping unless its absolutely the last option.

For those of you who don't know, Peggy has been a camper all her life, she even out camps me (the survivalist) but to all who will listen, I 'm making the hotel reservations for her so she can get a good nights rest before the next days journey. (Pretty good huh??)

So now it becomes a matter of taking only the things needed and what will fit in a very small space.
We have one day of camping (going there) and possibly more on the way back. (Depending on how many Motel six's there are in our area)

This goes back to the opening statement about growing older and sometimes wiser. After all day on a motorcycle I think a soft bed and a hot shower is a blessing. (And I need more blessing's)

Aloha... kaha


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