Stops along the way

A picture of our riding partners, don't look at the helmets.

Well my day has been made, a world famous author (Shameless plug) has left a very encouraging post about my blog.

The problem with someone of her talent, is now I have to watch my spell checking and use of the English language, remember I use GEEK speak mostly.

This morning it was suggested (by my bride) I should post the minor dilemma's leading up to the trip, the scheduling, reservations etc... in thinking about it I wouldn't want to force anyones blood pressure up due to the brainless twit's one finds in the hospitality business.(This comment excludes all of my friends in the hospitality business)

What I thought was, to post the schedule of stops across the country, maybe if our stops are close enough some of you will come out and say “howdy” (Not a word I usually use, remember the GEEK speak thing). So lets try that:

May 15 Ontario, CA

May 16 Williams, AZ

May 17 Gallup, NM

May 18 Angle Fire, NM

May 19 Limon, CO

May 20 Salina, KS

May 21 Wentzville, MO

May 22 Corydon, IN

May 23 Hurricane, WV

May 24 Lewisburg, WV

May 25/26 Arlington, VA

May 27 Washington, DC

For those who really want more in depth information here is the link: we will be taking the Central route.

All for now.....

Aloha... kaha

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