This WAS Peggy's bike, she wanted to sell it because she owns too many horses....

Dilemma: 1. a. A situation that requires a choice between two evenly balanced alternatives.

I did some work for a friend of mine and was payed by check. This friend is on her way to becoming a very famous author (check the first blog for the shameless plug). Here's the dilemma do I cash the check (because the money would be great) or do I save it for the future when her signature will sell on ebay for a lot more. Could this be a plot by her to ensure I don't cash it at all?? The answer to this lies in her nature.

Consider this; She's an author and makes things up, you need a great imagination in order to be successful in the writing game. Mmmmmm! I guess that answers my question...very clever Pat....

On another note, my bride (look to the right) suggested I request comments after each post to kind of get everyone involved in the blog. So being the Geek guy that I'm, I checked the traffic to the site (This is truly a GEEK thing) and found it would be far easier if I just called the two people and ask them to make comments.

Aloha... kaha


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