My First Day

Well some of you will think after a few written lines "What in the HELL is he doing" the man can't write and more then likely shouldn't have a blog. And you would be right, I'm starting this blog for only one reason.

In May of this year (2007) my bride (Peggy) and I will be shipping our Harley Davision motorcycle to San Diego, CA from Hawaii. Yea! so what!! Keep reading...

We will be joining 500 other bikes in a RUN from California to Washington DC in honor of our troops and the forgotten Vets. This is a big deal!!!

This is not about the WAR or George Bush, but about the men and women who give us the freedom we enjoy in this country.

This ride will be across heartland America and ends with a run to the Vets Memorial along with over 500,000 other bikes. Now to why this blog, if you haven't guessed by now I'm a little challenged in the writing department, so what I plan on doing is posting video's of each days travels.
I realize most don't have high speed downloading but I'll try and make the day shots as short as possible and still enjoyable.
After the ten day run to DC we'll still film the run back... now we get into the "what I did on my summer vacation" boredom.... again I'll try to make it interesting.
I will have to up load to Google then link from this posting to the vid.

Ok, so thats it.... I will sent this blog address to everyone I can think of that might be interested and you folks can comment (nicely!!!) on what you think....or if you have any questions.

Check back periodically and I'll post up dates until the trip starts on May 13th



ORION said…
This is GREAT Ken! (Don't give me that crap about not being a writer -- I read your article in the sailing magazine!
Can I link you on my blog?
Gordon said…
The blog looks great and reads well. I look forward to following your ride. Gordon
Camelot said…
Great idea Ken, we will enjoy keeping up with your travels each day.
Phil L said…
!! When I grow up, I want to be just like you !!

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