Saturday, March 31, 2007


Metaphor: 1. a. A figure of speech in which a term is transferred from the object it ordinarily designates to an object it may designate only by implicit comparison or analogy.

(What in the HELL does that mean??)

I originally wanted to make this blog a series of motorcycle metaphors, but I quickly realized I 'm not a word smith (M) or clever enough to think up that many metaphors.

Or my attention “to grasp a concept” (Dead Metaphor) would die like a road hog in deep despair.

(I think this is a mixed metaphor) (See, this is why I don't do this...I'm confused)

And at this writing I can only think of one I had heard a while back:

“No matter what your parents tell you, It's ok to rev your own engine as high as you want, and you won't burnout your headlight.”

I'll let you figure that one out.

One of the best motorcycle metaphors was Mark Harmon in the movie “Summer School”.

(Buy the DVD, I'm too old to remember the whole thing)

Or if you have any other motorcycle metaphors ??. (There's that asking for comments thing again)


Friday, March 30, 2007

Why do we ride

Why do we ride motorcycles, what compels a guy or girl to straddle a 1800cc 500 to 800lb machine powering down the road at 80mph with the ground so close you can reach out and touch it. So many other people can say this better than I, but here are some thoughts.

Riding is about passion, about making the adrenaline flow, about pleasure, about awakened and heightened sensation.

Riding is that moment of sphincter-clenching fear and excitement when you scream through a tight corner, leaned over further than you thought you could, then pop out into the straight with a grin.

Riding is that feeling in the morning when you open the garage and there it is in all its chrome and plastic glory, and you just have to smile even though you’ve seen it a thousand mornings before.

Riding is about the heads that turn to look as you pass by.

Riding is about beauty. Every motorcycle is a work of art, some breath-taking in their sheer elegance.

Riding is about fashion - the way men and women look in leather (This is a biggie for the woman in my life), the lean look of a sports bike rider in a full body suit, the rebellious look of a cruiser owner all dressed in black. It's about a crafted stylishness that's at once casual and formal. Riders form their own tribes, identified by their dress code as much as their vehicles. How you look is part of why we ride.

Riding is about the envious glances from coworkers as they exit their dull cars and watch as you park and climb off your bike.

If you've never ridden, you can't comprehend.

But once you try it, you're hooked for life.

Sit in your mini-van and try to tell me that your heart beats a little faster when you turn the engine on.

Driving is about - well, driving. It’s about getting from here to there in the least time with the least inconvenience.

It’s about idling in bumper-to-bumper commuter jams, engine overheating, tempers flaring, kids screaming.

Driving has all the passion of watching paint dry.

But riding ......... is very cool!!

"..A straight line is the most BORING distance between two points. "


Thursday, March 29, 2007


This WAS Peggy's bike, she wanted to sell it because she owns too many horses....

Dilemma: 1. a. A situation that requires a choice between two evenly balanced alternatives.

I did some work for a friend of mine and was payed by check. This friend is on her way to becoming a very famous author (check the first blog for the shameless plug). Here's the dilemma do I cash the check (because the money would be great) or do I save it for the future when her signature will sell on ebay for a lot more. Could this be a plot by her to ensure I don't cash it at all?? The answer to this lies in her nature.

Consider this; She's an author and makes things up, you need a great imagination in order to be successful in the writing game. Mmmmmm! I guess that answers my question...very clever Pat....

On another note, my bride (look to the right) suggested I request comments after each post to kind of get everyone involved in the blog. So being the Geek guy that I'm, I checked the traffic to the site (This is truly a GEEK thing) and found it would be far easier if I just called the two people and ask them to make comments.

Aloha... kaha

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


There comes a time in everyones life when they wakeup and find they are a lot older then they think.
Body parts move or sag, and others just ache. Motrin becomes a gift from the Gods.

The group of riders we are traveling with from Hawaii thought it would be great to camp out along the way, which is what they have been doing for years.

I gave this a lot of thought, went out and purchased the camping equipment (That would fit on the bike) and then made hotel reservations for the trip across. (What are they thinking...)

I again shamelessly used my bride as an excuse for not camping unless its absolutely the last option.

For those of you who don't know, Peggy has been a camper all her life, she even out camps me (the survivalist) but to all who will listen, I 'm making the hotel reservations for her so she can get a good nights rest before the next days journey. (Pretty good huh??)

So now it becomes a matter of taking only the things needed and what will fit in a very small space.
We have one day of camping (going there) and possibly more on the way back. (Depending on how many Motel six's there are in our area)

This goes back to the opening statement about growing older and sometimes wiser. After all day on a motorcycle I think a soft bed and a hot shower is a blessing. (And I need more blessing's)

Aloha... kaha

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Stops along the way

A picture of our riding partners, don't look at the helmets.

Well my day has been made, a world famous author (Shameless plug) has left a very encouraging post about my blog.

The problem with someone of her talent, is now I have to watch my spell checking and use of the English language, remember I use GEEK speak mostly.

This morning it was suggested (by my bride) I should post the minor dilemma's leading up to the trip, the scheduling, reservations etc... in thinking about it I wouldn't want to force anyones blood pressure up due to the brainless twit's one finds in the hospitality business.(This comment excludes all of my friends in the hospitality business)

What I thought was, to post the schedule of stops across the country, maybe if our stops are close enough some of you will come out and say “howdy” (Not a word I usually use, remember the GEEK speak thing). So lets try that:

May 15 Ontario, CA

May 16 Williams, AZ

May 17 Gallup, NM

May 18 Angle Fire, NM

May 19 Limon, CO

May 20 Salina, KS

May 21 Wentzville, MO

May 22 Corydon, IN

May 23 Hurricane, WV

May 24 Lewisburg, WV

May 25/26 Arlington, VA

May 27 Washington, DC

For those who really want more in depth information here is the link: we will be taking the Central route.

All for now.....

Aloha... kaha

Monday, March 26, 2007

My First Day

Well some of you will think after a few written lines "What in the HELL is he doing" the man can't write and more then likely shouldn't have a blog. And you would be right, I'm starting this blog for only one reason.

In May of this year (2007) my bride (Peggy) and I will be shipping our Harley Davision motorcycle to San Diego, CA from Hawaii. Yea! so what!! Keep reading...

We will be joining 500 other bikes in a RUN from California to Washington DC in honor of our troops and the forgotten Vets. This is a big deal!!!

This is not about the WAR or George Bush, but about the men and women who give us the freedom we enjoy in this country.

This ride will be across heartland America and ends with a run to the Vets Memorial along with over 500,000 other bikes. Now to why this blog, if you haven't guessed by now I'm a little challenged in the writing department, so what I plan on doing is posting video's of each days travels.
I realize most don't have high speed downloading but I'll try and make the day shots as short as possible and still enjoyable.
After the ten day run to DC we'll still film the run back... now we get into the "what I did on my summer vacation" boredom.... again I'll try to make it interesting.
I will have to up load to Google then link from this posting to the vid.

Ok, so thats it.... I will sent this blog address to everyone I can think of that might be interested and you folks can comment (nicely!!!) on what you think....or if you have any questions.

Check back periodically and I'll post up dates until the trip starts on May 13th