As warriors, we view  Mortality differently than civilians. I personally only think of dying abstractly something removed from my everyday life.
I think also the older one is the better they are able to face and understand the possibility of death. My ability to cope with cancer is directly related to the fact I'm 70 years old been to two worlds fairs and a goat fuck so my mind is saying "Bring it". This is not to belittle the brave fight going on with my younger brothers and sisters. I'm talking about one's own mortality and how to cope with the possibility of death.
Which brings me to my original thought, what about loved ones. How they react is essential to the overall well being of the family. 
How do I get them through this period? I have the tendency to keep my game face on most of the time. The only thing I can do is keep reinsuring them as to the hopeful outcome.
Just some thoughts, maybe some of you who have been through this have an input. 


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