The Bikers cometh

Well, we're off and running. Thanks to Tom and Yolie Miller who kept us in their loving arms for two days (alright ...wait a minute we're BIKERS, cut that cutie, sing kumbaya stuff!! yick/yak). Anyway, we left San Diego in overcast skies and 58 deg. (Grabber and I were ready to come home). The first 60 miles was very Seattle like gloom and doom mixed with a sprinkle of mist just to let us know we're not in control of the weather. Fearless leader Klaus was directing us north to LA. Now I thought we were just going up I-15 (I was at the riders meeting- breakfast at Dennys) so we were a little shocked when Fearless Leader left the freeway for hwy 215. For those of you who don't have a clue what freeways we're talking about, the main issue is Klaus was lost and we didn't figure it out for 20 miles. It was shortly after my asking him “HEY!!!” (you have to yell loudly motorcycle to motorcycle) where are you going....needless to say we finally mutinied and I lead us to freedom (using the GPS!!!!)..

Our arrival in LA was really cool!!! I had picked what I thought was a hotel away from everyone, as we turned the corner there before our eyes was 200-300 bikers just standing around looking bikerish...

REALLY COOL!!! So we got checked in and found our camp site (room 202) and settled in for the night, after eating BBQ that was served for us very deserving riders. We start the run for real tomorrow and I'm already tired..... there are guys here that are older than dirt, so I guess I can't complain. Well, early to bed and up at the crack of dawn so we can continue to entertain you with this blog .....



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