Well... It's official Peggy has a “biker name”, I want to thank all that participated and want to let everyone know that each entry was painstakingly reviewed and discussed. As it should be, she picked a name with a history and a story. So what is the name you ask?????


A fitter name will never grace the asphalt of bikerdom, the story of this name will be told far and beyond. This truly is how legends are born. (Ok so I got carried away, but its still a cool name)

Note: those of you who have a problem keeping your mind clean (dave) the story is very cute.

If there is enough interest for the story I will ask her to put it to print (for the unenlightened posted it to the blog).

To date things are ready to go , we fly out Sunday the 13th and start the adventure. Again, I will try to keep everyone posted as to what we are up to and take pictures. I still haven't been able to get around the video problems but will be taking videos the entire trip and will put them together for a future feature project. (whatever the hell that means...)



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