Mission accomplished

Today I fulfilled a promise made 40 years ago and put to rest an old friend...

and several dragons.

The day was somber and the walk to the wall was inspiring. I'm amazed of all the people that were at the wall, they came in all colors and sizes. Mom's, Dad's, Brother's, Sisters all of them with one purpose, to pay respects to the fallen.

People would come up to me and welcome me home with a hug and a smile and thank me for my service. It gives you such a warm feeling knowing that someone really cares.

The “Run for the Wall people (that includes Grabber and I) posed for the regular picture on the steps of the Lincoln memorial and then it was mission complete. I don't know if I will ever see these people again but the camaraderie we shared across the country will be remembered the rest of my life.


Well Grabber and I were going to do Rolling Thunder but after spending the afternoon in the hot sun we thought it better to just buy the pins and patches and ride south to our friends James, Lisa.

The choice was a good one, we arrived in the morning and had a great time reminiscing about old times. Did manage to get the bike serviced although James took me to another state to do it....(Ok, maybe not another state but the drive took long enough)

Klaus called and said he would meet us the next day at Tom and Sara's. He did Rolling Thunder with Sherrie so we should get pictures on that event. Klaus has a long day playing catch-up.

The run in the morning should be about 3-4 hours down to the intercoastal where Tom and Sara live.

Will keep you posted.



ORION said…
I just got down off the mountain and found some internet access!
See ya in June!

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