For the love of a GPS

Well, we got here...San Diego. Grabber, I and Klaus managed to up grade to 1st class (for mileage not cash). The problem with that it's not like your daddy's first class. The airlines in their pursuit of the all mighty dollar made the spacing between the seats just about the same as the cattle car in the back of the plane... so what do I get for my upgrade?? a small glass of champagne, a bag of nuts and a smile. I shouldn't bad mouth it too much; we got the greatest little hand-held DVD players to watch movies.

Once again taking away the opportunity to practice my social skills (ya, like I really have any)

But the trip went well and upon arrival we rented a car and headed to our first overnight place before we pick up the bikes. This gets me to my original thoughts...”GPSs” I have a hand held (GARMIN..product placement here) and so when the girl behind the counter (rental car) asked if I needed a map I naturally said “no thank you, I HAVE A GPS” Grabber being the smart one asked for written directions to the freeway. As it would happen, in order to use my GPS properly one needs to download the detailed map of the area one is driving in. I even called my host for the night and told him we were on our way...” do you need directions??” to which I replied “NO I HAVE A GPS”.

Now back to that no map of the area in the GPS thing. If you don't have the local map, the unit only uses the standard map that comes with the unit...(I swear it wasn't in the directions) so when the unit directs you to a destination it can only do it in a general way. After we managed to make it to I-5 we headed for the border...BUT have no fear because “I HAVE A GPS”. The damn thing told us to take the next exit...see guys, it's working...5 miles later we're driving down the frontage road (thats the road that was built before the freeway) and into a scary part of town (well, what the hell, we're bikers)

Well, we continued on the frontage road until the dead end, at which time I threw in the towel (m) and called Tom and asked for directions. Tomorrow we get to go back the same way and pick up the bikes

but this time I downloaded the proper maps...although Grabber won't let me live down the techno thing. I have reassured her that everything will be ok because: I HAVE A GPS”



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