In What dimension was this taken?

Well we're not in Kansas any more Dorothy. Matter of fact, I think we're two states over. We left the group and decided to run in front. It makes it a lot less stressful. One of the reasons I haven't posted is there hasn't been anything going on in the states we've passed through.

Having said that I did realize that most of these states have a particular smell to them.

Take Kansas, as you enter through the I-70 highway you get a strong smell of cow dung (Grabber had me clean up this part) and she reminded me that this area of Kansas makes methane. Passing into Missouri it smells like chicken manure and Indiana smells like pig manure. BUT when we got to Kentucky it smells like bluegrass and horses (Grabber wants to move there, except for the snow).

Well, the run today was short and we got to Lewisburg, WV around 11:00am, several hours before the pack. Had lunch and Grabber and I cleaned the bike then took a ride into the country....GREAT RIDE.

Note: “Always stay on the main roads” We pulled off the Freeway for gas and had to drive a ways until we spotted what we thought was a gas station. As I pulled into the drive I could swear I heard banjo's playing. Stopped at the pumps (actually it was one pump) I had Grabber go inside and ask how we pump the gas ( I always send her when I hear banjo's)

She came back and said we should leave, that the people were really weird and they all looked related..

beside Klaus had just taken a leak along side the building because they wouldn't let us use their bathrooms. So having a biker piss on your house is reason enough to leave.

You don't have to tell me twice, on our steady steed did we ride leaving the playing banjo's in the dust.

“Always stay on the main road”

Tomorrow we start for Arlington, VA then into Washington, DC and on to the wall on Sunday, so we get a day down time before Rolling Thunder. We're almost complete, then we just have to ride back to the west coast...



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