A Day in the life of a Biker

Ok, it's been a few days since the last post but I been busy trying to survive. From a crazed woman hitting me with a red mustang convertible to almost dying in the desert (it was for real) it's been a very trying last few days.

On the upside, I'm alive and well (had the Needles, CA emergency hospital jam three quarts of fluid in my arm) When they say to drink plenty of water they mean plenty of water. I would like to modify that to drink plenty of Gatorade. (electrolytes, for the nurses that are reading this blog)

Here I was driving down the desert road with several hundred other bikers when my vision started to go (a very bright light, ...ok not “that bright light) I managed to drop out of line and pull over to the side of the road, park the bike and have Grabber (Peggy, in case you forgot) get off before I passed out cold (in this case hot).

Freaked her out because no one stopped, all of the other bikers and road guards just kept going. Thank the Gods that the last chase truck stopped (Jack, the truck driver will always be on our Christmas card list). After that, it was a matter of calling the EMT's and transporting to the hospital. The Doctor and tending nurse were outstanding (more for the card list). Spent a few hours there and went to a hotel for the night in Needles while the rest of the pack went on to Williams for the night. The next day Grabber and I made the run to catch up with the rest of the group.(it was a very long 400 mile day)

We've had a few bikers go down, but they all are alive and not too seriously hurt. Let me explain just how they make this run...they form up in platoons consisting of forty or more bikes depending on the amount of people in the run at that time. Now, they form up two abreast and you are expected to stay in that formation during the whole speed regime. (thats 75 -80mph) they have the two second rule, which means the guy in front has to be two seconds behind the person in front of them. THIS IS CRAZY!!!!!!

I'm surprised they don't have more people killed. I've elected to ride out of the pack and in the back, seems safer and a lot less stressful.

We are now in Limon. CO. for the night and then on to Kansas.... when we were rolling in it started to rain and huge lighting strikes...time to head for cover.

It has been truly amazing the reaction from people; when we ride through towns, they line the road waving American flags, they come up to us and thank us for what we're doing and for the sacrifice we've made for the country. These are people who have sons and daughters serving or that have family members who have given their lives for the country. This is a very emotional trip..... (GOD BLESS AMERICA)

These are the people that will save us from those who would do this country harm.

A lot to think about.....



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