Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Another public service ..... the last few days I haven't had the bandwidth to post the whole post.
or something like that, anyway we're currently in Alabama and trying to figure out how to avoid the coming rain....will keep everyone posted..


Sunday, May 27, 2007

Mission accomplished

Today I fulfilled a promise made 40 years ago and put to rest an old friend...

and several dragons.

The day was somber and the walk to the wall was inspiring. I'm amazed of all the people that were at the wall, they came in all colors and sizes. Mom's, Dad's, Brother's, Sisters all of them with one purpose, to pay respects to the fallen.

People would come up to me and welcome me home with a hug and a smile and thank me for my service. It gives you such a warm feeling knowing that someone really cares.

The “Run for the Wall people (that includes Grabber and I) posed for the regular picture on the steps of the Lincoln memorial and then it was mission complete. I don't know if I will ever see these people again but the camaraderie we shared across the country will be remembered the rest of my life.


Well Grabber and I were going to do Rolling Thunder but after spending the afternoon in the hot sun we thought it better to just buy the pins and patches and ride south to our friends James, Lisa.

The choice was a good one, we arrived in the morning and had a great time reminiscing about old times. Did manage to get the bike serviced although James took me to another state to do it....(Ok, maybe not another state but the drive took long enough)

Klaus called and said he would meet us the next day at Tom and Sara's. He did Rolling Thunder with Sherrie so we should get pictures on that event. Klaus has a long day playing catch-up.

The run in the morning should be about 3-4 hours down to the intercoastal where Tom and Sara live.

Will keep you posted.


Thursday, May 24, 2007

In What dimension was this taken?

Well we're not in Kansas any more Dorothy. Matter of fact, I think we're two states over. We left the group and decided to run in front. It makes it a lot less stressful. One of the reasons I haven't posted is there hasn't been anything going on in the states we've passed through.

Having said that I did realize that most of these states have a particular smell to them.

Take Kansas, as you enter through the I-70 highway you get a strong smell of cow dung (Grabber had me clean up this part) and she reminded me that this area of Kansas makes methane. Passing into Missouri it smells like chicken manure and Indiana smells like pig manure. BUT when we got to Kentucky it smells like bluegrass and horses (Grabber wants to move there, except for the snow).

Well, the run today was short and we got to Lewisburg, WV around 11:00am, several hours before the pack. Had lunch and Grabber and I cleaned the bike then took a ride into the country....GREAT RIDE.

Note: “Always stay on the main roads” We pulled off the Freeway for gas and had to drive a ways until we spotted what we thought was a gas station. As I pulled into the drive I could swear I heard banjo's playing. Stopped at the pumps (actually it was one pump) I had Grabber go inside and ask how we pump the gas ( I always send her when I hear banjo's)

She came back and said we should leave, that the people were really weird and they all looked related..

beside Klaus had just taken a leak along side the building because they wouldn't let us use their bathrooms. So having a biker piss on your house is reason enough to leave.

You don't have to tell me twice, on our steady steed did we ride leaving the playing banjo's in the dust.

“Always stay on the main road”

Tomorrow we start for Arlington, VA then into Washington, DC and on to the wall on Sunday, so we get a day down time before Rolling Thunder. We're almost complete, then we just have to ride back to the west coast...


Monday, May 21, 2007

A Public Service Announcement

This is a quick post to let you know that it will be a few days until the next one....
the reason is last night I only had one small bar on the phone, tonight I only have one room plug and poor phone connection...
I will get back on it as soon as possible...

Saturday, May 19, 2007

A Day in the life of a Biker

Ok, it's been a few days since the last post but I been busy trying to survive. From a crazed woman hitting me with a red mustang convertible to almost dying in the desert (it was for real) it's been a very trying last few days.

On the upside, I'm alive and well (had the Needles, CA emergency hospital jam three quarts of fluid in my arm) When they say to drink plenty of water they mean plenty of water. I would like to modify that to drink plenty of Gatorade. (electrolytes, for the nurses that are reading this blog)

Here I was driving down the desert road with several hundred other bikers when my vision started to go (a very bright light, ...ok not “that bright light) I managed to drop out of line and pull over to the side of the road, park the bike and have Grabber (Peggy, in case you forgot) get off before I passed out cold (in this case hot).

Freaked her out because no one stopped, all of the other bikers and road guards just kept going. Thank the Gods that the last chase truck stopped (Jack, the truck driver will always be on our Christmas card list). After that, it was a matter of calling the EMT's and transporting to the hospital. The Doctor and tending nurse were outstanding (more for the card list). Spent a few hours there and went to a hotel for the night in Needles while the rest of the pack went on to Williams for the night. The next day Grabber and I made the run to catch up with the rest of the group.(it was a very long 400 mile day)

We've had a few bikers go down, but they all are alive and not too seriously hurt. Let me explain just how they make this run...they form up in platoons consisting of forty or more bikes depending on the amount of people in the run at that time. Now, they form up two abreast and you are expected to stay in that formation during the whole speed regime. (thats 75 -80mph) they have the two second rule, which means the guy in front has to be two seconds behind the person in front of them. THIS IS CRAZY!!!!!!

I'm surprised they don't have more people killed. I've elected to ride out of the pack and in the back, seems safer and a lot less stressful.

We are now in Limon. CO. for the night and then on to Kansas.... when we were rolling in it started to rain and huge lighting strikes...time to head for cover.

It has been truly amazing the reaction from people; when we ride through towns, they line the road waving American flags, they come up to us and thank us for what we're doing and for the sacrifice we've made for the country. These are people who have sons and daughters serving or that have family members who have given their lives for the country. This is a very emotional trip..... (GOD BLESS AMERICA)

These are the people that will save us from those who would do this country harm.

A lot to think about.....


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Bikers cometh

Well, we're off and running. Thanks to Tom and Yolie Miller who kept us in their loving arms for two days (alright ...wait a minute we're BIKERS, cut that cutie, sing kumbaya stuff!! yick/yak). Anyway, we left San Diego in overcast skies and 58 deg. (Grabber and I were ready to come home). The first 60 miles was very Seattle like gloom and doom mixed with a sprinkle of mist just to let us know we're not in control of the weather. Fearless leader Klaus was directing us north to LA. Now I thought we were just going up I-15 (I was at the riders meeting- breakfast at Dennys) so we were a little shocked when Fearless Leader left the freeway for hwy 215. For those of you who don't have a clue what freeways we're talking about, the main issue is Klaus was lost and we didn't figure it out for 20 miles. It was shortly after my asking him “HEY!!!” (you have to yell loudly motorcycle to motorcycle) where are you going....needless to say we finally mutinied and I lead us to freedom (using the GPS!!!!)..

Our arrival in LA was really cool!!! I had picked what I thought was a hotel away from everyone, as we turned the corner there before our eyes was 200-300 bikers just standing around looking bikerish...

REALLY COOL!!! So we got checked in and found our camp site (room 202) and settled in for the night, after eating BBQ that was served for us very deserving riders. We start the run for real tomorrow and I'm already tired..... there are guys here that are older than dirt, so I guess I can't complain. Well, early to bed and up at the crack of dawn so we can continue to entertain you with this blog .....


For the love of a GPS

Well, we got here...San Diego. Grabber, I and Klaus managed to up grade to 1st class (for mileage not cash). The problem with that it's not like your daddy's first class. The airlines in their pursuit of the all mighty dollar made the spacing between the seats just about the same as the cattle car in the back of the plane... so what do I get for my upgrade?? a small glass of champagne, a bag of nuts and a smile. I shouldn't bad mouth it too much; we got the greatest little hand-held DVD players to watch movies.

Once again taking away the opportunity to practice my social skills (ya, like I really have any)

But the trip went well and upon arrival we rented a car and headed to our first overnight place before we pick up the bikes. This gets me to my original thoughts...”GPSs” I have a hand held (GARMIN..product placement here) and so when the girl behind the counter (rental car) asked if I needed a map I naturally said “no thank you, I HAVE A GPS” Grabber being the smart one asked for written directions to the freeway. As it would happen, in order to use my GPS properly one needs to download the detailed map of the area one is driving in. I even called my host for the night and told him we were on our way...” do you need directions??” to which I replied “NO I HAVE A GPS”.

Now back to that no map of the area in the GPS thing. If you don't have the local map, the unit only uses the standard map that comes with the unit...(I swear it wasn't in the directions) so when the unit directs you to a destination it can only do it in a general way. After we managed to make it to I-5 we headed for the border...BUT have no fear because “I HAVE A GPS”. The damn thing told us to take the next exit...see guys, it's working...5 miles later we're driving down the frontage road (thats the road that was built before the freeway) and into a scary part of town (well, what the hell, we're bikers)

Well, we continued on the frontage road until the dead end, at which time I threw in the towel (m) and called Tom and asked for directions. Tomorrow we get to go back the same way and pick up the bikes

but this time I downloaded the proper maps...although Grabber won't let me live down the techno thing. I have reassured her that everything will be ok because: I HAVE A GPS”


Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Well... It's official Peggy has a “biker name”, I want to thank all that participated and want to let everyone know that each entry was painstakingly reviewed and discussed. As it should be, she picked a name with a history and a story. So what is the name you ask?????


A fitter name will never grace the asphalt of bikerdom, the story of this name will be told far and beyond. This truly is how legends are born. (Ok so I got carried away, but its still a cool name)

Note: those of you who have a problem keeping your mind clean (dave) the story is very cute.

If there is enough interest for the story I will ask her to put it to print (for the unenlightened posted it to the blog).

To date things are ready to go , we fly out Sunday the 13th and start the adventure. Again, I will try to keep everyone posted as to what we are up to and take pictures. I still haven't been able to get around the video problems but will be taking videos the entire trip and will put them together for a future feature project. (whatever the hell that means...)